Zoukei-Mura - McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II Late - 1:48

Artikelnummer:: SWS48-15
Menge: 13

The later version of the F-4E, an improved version of the F-4D, is finally available, equipped with the M61A1 20mm Vulcan cannon as the first fixed equipment in the extended nose.
The leading edge flap was changed to a movable slat in order to further improve air combat performance than the previous model, which adopted a hard wing with a fixed leading edge flap. This is a point that distinguishes it from the earlier model in appearance.
A gunblast diffuser has been added to the machine gun muzzle. Other, later versions had AN/ALR-46 RHWR antennas attached to the wing tips.
Even the electro-optical target identification sensor (TISEO) on the leading edge of the left inner wing, which was adopted in some late models, and the AN/ARN-101 antenna fairing on the back of the fuselage are flawless.
Keep an eye on the ever-growing SWS "F-4" series!

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