Trumpeter - dt. Flugzeugträger Weser - 1:350

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The DKM Weser aircraft carrier was built in the second world war in Germany by Admiral Hipper class cruiser fourth Seydlitz heavy cruiser. In June 1942, due to the lack of air strikes on the Atlantic Ocean in Germany and the amazing record of submarine operations, Germany believed that it was no longer necessary to continue to produce surface ships, so the Seydlitz cruiser with 95% complete engineering was used. Transformed into an auxiliary aircraft carrier. The project lasted until June 1943, after Hitler ordered the suspension of work, since the completion of the aircraft carrier transformation plan was terminated. In 1945, the Weser , which was unfinished because of the Soviet attack on Germany, sank in Königsberg. After the war, it was salvaged by the Soviet Union and dragged to Leningrad for disintegration.

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