Modelsvit - Sukhoi Su-17M3R Reconnaissance fighter-bomber - 1:72

Artikelnummer:: MSVIT 72048
Menge: 1
  • Decals for 3 coloring versions
  • PE sheet
  • Reconnaissance KKR container, External fuel tanks, pair of R-60 missiles
  • Multi-detailed ejection seat
  • 2 canopies (open/closed)
  • Painting masks

The S-52 fighter-bomber entered service in the USSR Air Forces in June 1981 as Sukhoi Su-17M3.

It had been produced in different modifications, including reconnaissance machine – Su-17M3R. This particular variant was carrying KKR-1 reconnaissance pod on the centerline pylon.

KKR-1 was designed for the photographic survey of small and medium altitudes, day and night, using an A-39 camera, a PA-1 panoramic camera and a UA-47 camera for night photography. In addition, it also allows the electronic survey via SRS-13 system.

The reconnaissance container had a negative influence on the flight performance of the plane, therefore, Su-17M3R requested additional attention from the pilots, especially during takeoff and landing.

Su-17M3R were used actively during the Soviet-Afghan conflict for bombing accuracy observation, enemy radar localization and intelligence support via photo, IR and TV equipment.

Around 15 various reconnaissance containers had been developed.

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