MENG - German Medium Tank Sd.Kfz. 171 Panther Ausf.G Early/Ausf.G with Air Defence Armor - 1:35

Artikelnummer:: TS-052

The Panther Ausf.G medium tank, an improved version of the Panther Ausf.D and Ausf.A tanks, was a German main equipment in the late World War II. The 45.5-ton Panther Ausf.G was introduced in March 1944. It had enhanced protection in key areas. Both the weight of the whole vehicle and the production time needed was reduced. In the final stage of the war, some Panther Ausf.G tanks were equipped with armor plates on the top of the turret and the engine air intake to enhance passive air defense capabilities to resist growing air threats.


This MENG TS-052 1/35 German Medium Tank Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.G EARLY/Ausf.G with Air Defense Armor model kit has the following features: The frame and plates assembly design simulates the installation of armor plates of the real vehicle. Hot rolling, cast, welding and cutting textures on the hull surfaces are realistically replicated. All crew hatches can be built open or closed. All optical devices are replicated with clear parts. This kit can be upgraded with SPS-049 movable suspension and workable tracks. This kit includes precision PE parts, metal cables and metal side skirts. Four paint schemes are provided.

Length: 263mm  Width: 93.6mm

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