Italeri - Volvo F12 Intercooler Low Roof with accessories - 1:24

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The Volvo F12 was produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s by the famous Scandinavian manufacturer. Equipped with innovative technical and design features for the period, it achieved excellent commercial success throughout mainland Europe. Along with entry to the market of the new line of trucks came the inclusion of a revised engine range. In fact the number F12 in the vehicle name, indicates the displacement in litres of the 6-cylinder turbodiesel engines that were used on Volvo's new range, several versions of which were released to meet differing prospective customer needs. The vehicle could be configured with different engine solutions and also with the choice of different cabin configurations as required. Among the more popular and most used versions, noted for its versatility, was the "low roof" model, which was characterised by its  compact cabin.

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