Italeri - Fiat 806 Grand Prix - 1:12

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The Fiat 806 Grand Prix adopted significant innovations for its time. In fact, the Fiat 806 was the "progenitor" of the modern Formula One racing cars. Developed and produced by FIAT, the Italian automobiles manufacturer, in 1927, it could be considered the first Grand Prix car ever built before. Thanks to its 180 HP 12 cylinders engine, the Fiat 806 was able to reach and even exceed the speed of 240 Km/h.
However, the most important innovations were made in the development of the chassis, mechanics and bodywork. In fact, the engine and gearbox unit was located between the two chassis bars in order to optimize the performance and the drivability.

The Italeri model is unique and very detailed (over 400 pieces to be assembled). The bonnet can be open to view the highly detailed engine. It has working steering, soft rubber tires, photo etched parts and little metallic accessories (screws, nuts, springs, etc).

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