ICM - V3000S (1941 production) German Army Truck - 1:35

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The main part of the German Wehrmacht autopark during WWII formed 3t cargo trucks. One of the most numerous of them was V3000S, which was produced since 1941 in German Ford plants in Cologne. This truck was equipped with V8 engine and had rear drive only.

V3000S trucks were widely used in all German arms of service up to the end of war everywhere – in the Soviet-German front, in North Africa, Italy, France. In off-road condition not-all-drive vehicles showed low cross-country capability, so a big number of V3000S were produced as Maultier half-track vehicles.

There were produced about 25000 V3000S trucks all in all in 1941-1946 in German, French and Dutch plants.

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