Copper State Models - German Armoured Car Ehrhardt E-V/4 M.1917 - 1:35

Artikelnummer:: CSM35010

The Ehrhardt E-V/4 also called "Straßenpanzerwagen" is an iconic German Armoured Car built in 1917

It was a further development of a previously built Ehrhardt 1915.

These vehicles had a completely revised frontal armour with reduced weight by 1.75 ton. Underneath protection was enhanced with another armoured plate protecting the engine, headlamps were enclosed in armoured boxes, front vision ports offered better protection, the rear double wheels were protected by an armoured mudguard, and moreover, the central turret was now fully revolving.

- High-quality Cartograf decals

- 175 high-quality injection moulded plastic parts

- Transparent parts

- Instruction in colour.

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