Asuka Model - U.S. Medium Tank M4 Composite Sherman late “Last Chance” - 1:35

Artikelnummer:: 35-049
Menge: 2

This is a 1/35 scale assembly model kit, recreating M4 Composite Sherman late production which has a composite hull with high bustle 75mm gun turret. This hull is a combination of a cast front portion to the welded components of the rear hull, literally has a "composite" structure. The turret is so-called a high bustle type, raising the whole bustle area in order for the large hatches not to interfere with the turret rotation. The shackle pins used in M4 composite and M4A1 76W are added to the accessories. The attachment plates on the side of the hull to the sand shield are supplied in plastic. The decal features "Last Chance" marking, symbolized by the eye-catching big star on the engine hatch.

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