AMMO by MIG - Tigers – Modelling the Ryefield Family

Softcover, 220 pages with high-quality full-colour photos and illustrations, englisch.

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The Tiger Tank is undoubtedly one of the most iconic armoured vehicles of World War II. In this extremely comprehensive book, guided by the hands of some of the best modellers in the world, you will be shown how to build and paint the most accurate and detailed Tiger I models on the market produced by Ryefield Model. From painting the interiors to the final weathering processes, this comprehensive book defines the different camouflage schemes used at various periods of the war as well as various levels of weathering, winter camouflage, a tool and equipment painting guide, Zimmerit application and the correct products and accurate colours suitable for each technique and much more.

The book also includes an excellent proper historical introduction to the Tiger I written by Daniele Guglielmi with reference photos that will help you to familiarize yourself with this legendary armoured vehicle. The introduction also features a camouflage guide with 19 colour profiles for all the variants of the Tiger and vehicles based on the same chassis. In a nutshell, TIGERS. BUILDING THE RYE FIELD MODELS TIGER I E is arguably the most complete modelling book ever made about the Tiger tank.

The full range of the Tiger tank family produced by Ryefield Model is generally regarded as the most accurate and complete on the market, both in level of fine detail and in historical fidelity. These are state-of-the-art models manufactured with the most up to date technology faithful to exhaustive research and documentation. This effort has resulted in an unprecedented level of detail and fit quality, as well as the option to build a complete replica with all interior components of the hull, turret and engine bay.

This model range includes all of the initial, early, middle and late production versions of the Tiger tank and its derivatives: the Sturmmörser Tiger and Bergepanzer Tiger I. In addition, each kit includes decals for a wide variety of different markings and subjects, which will allow you to choose your preferred camouflage scheme for each vehicle. These unparalleled models are undoubtedly the best choice available for fans of this mythical tank.

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