AMMO by MIG - The Weathering Aircraft 20 - One Color


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The Weathering Aircraft magazine, your favourite publication focused on aircraft painting and weathering techniques, reaches its twentieth issue. This time the widely useful focus is on how to get the most out of aircraft that are painted in a single colour. Anyone who finds them boring needs to take a closer look, nothing could be further from the truth. Throughout this issue you will be shown examples on a range of subjects with a multitude of fun techniques used to produce stunning monotone versions of your favourite aircraft. Some of our community’s most creative modelers use washes, panel lining, the use of watercolours, airbrushed stencils, and of course, a full range of solutions for modeling’s common headaches including Oilbrusher colours, Shaders, Pigments layered with useful tips and tricks.

Naturally, we have tried to cover all eras of aviation from the First World War to our favourite modern marvels. As always, the best collaborators choose to inspire and teach through TWA, and each brings a personal style from every corner of our modelling world.

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