AMMO by MIG - Magic Dust - Füllstoff f. Sekundenkleber

Inhalt: 30g

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Artikelnummer:: AMIG8047
Menge: 14
Grundpreis: €231,67 / Kilogramm

Füllmaterial zum Einstreuen in Sekundenkleber-Nähte. Erhöht die Belastbarkeit und die Füllwirkung bei Spalten.

With this powder you can strengthen and reinforce cyanoacrylate joints. It can also be used as a putty to fill gaps.

This versatile product is easy to use and features a dispenser for precise application. Simply apply the product over the cyanoacrylate to speed up the cure time. The application process can be reversed: apply Magicdust 21 first and then the CA glue, leave the product to cure for approximately 5 minutes. Any excess can then be sanded away, the solid surface can also be engraved. If necessary, the application process can be repeated until the desired result is obtained.

Always keep this container out of reach of children and tightly sealed, use the solvent with protective equipment in an adequately ventilated area safe from high temperatures. Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact occurs, thoroughly rinse immediately with water.

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