AMMO by MIG - Doppelseitiges Klebeband / Double-sided soft tape 15mm x 10m

Artikelnummer:: AMIG8044
Menge: 5

Ideal zum Fixieren von Bauteilen bei z. B. Lackierarbeiten. Hält die Teile sicher und lässt sich rückstandsfrei wieder ablösen.

This high quality double-sided adhesive tape is intended for precision work and designed specifically for modelling use. Ideal for holding parts during the painting process, allowing you to avoid handling or damaging the surface with tools. Each side has a different residue free adhesive strength: the white inner surface has a stronger adhesive for a more durable bond, while the green surface is a lower tack for fine tasks. This allows the part to be firmly attached to the desired surface while also allowing you to delicately handle fragile parts and fine finished surfaces without fear of damaging your work. This tape can be easily be cut to shape with scissors or hobby knife.

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