AK Interactive - Fine Art Airbrush Cleaning Brush Set

Artikelnummer:: FA644
Menge: 22

Cleaners with bristles for cleaning airbrush elements manufactured by FINE ART.

The offered product is ideal for cleaning tips, nozzles,bodies and other elements. Various diameters allow for purging (pushing through) even very narrow slits, pipes and holes.

In order to keep the airbrush in working order, you should first of all make sure it is clean after each painting. Dried paint is very difficult to remove, so every effort should be made to ensure that the equipment is clean after each painting. Cleaners come in handy here, thanks to which it is possible to effectively clean the inside of the airbrush. There are larger cleaners (usually with bristles, adapted to the airbrush) and smaller ones (dental cleaners) that allow you to reach even the smallest nooks and crannies.

Modeling chemicals are also useful during cleaning – liquids for cleaning the airbrush, which dissolve the paint and make it easier to remove from the inside of the spray gun. It is not recommended to use solvents and paint removers as they negatively affect the durability of the airbrush and its seals.

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