AK Interactive - 3rd Gen. Acryl. Set "Tracks and Wheels"

Artikelnummer:: AK11672
Menge: 1
Grundpreis: €166,18 / Liter

The six colors included in this 3rd Generation acrylic paint set are specially designed to help the modeler in creating a realistic appearance for all types of wheels and tracks on vehicles.

This set contains a Black color to represent new tires and Rubber Black color intended for worn older tires.

Also included are two different track colors: a Rusty Track color for reproducing fresh rust that might be observed on the tracks of an abandoned AFV, and a Dark Track color that accurately represents the appearance of operational tracks.

Finally, we provide a Dust color and a Dry Light Mud color, which will allow you to easily recreate convincing dirt and dust effects on your wheels and tracks using such methods as the dry brush technique.


This set contains:

AK11029 Black.
AK11027 Rubber/Tires (Rubber Black).
AK11108 Rusty Tracks (Hull Red).
AK11111 Dark Tracks (Burnt Umber).
AK11008 Dust Color (Grimy Grey).
AK11058 Dry Light Mud Color (Decomposed Flesh).


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