Airfix - Gloster Meteor F.8 - 1:48

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  • Gloster Meteor F.8, Evergreen Display Team, College of Air Warfare, RAF, 1963-64. (A)
  • Gloster Meteor F.8, The Meteorites Aerobatic Team, RAAF, Williamstown, 1956. (B)

In many respects, the Gloster Meteor could be regarded as Britain's jet powered equivalent of the Spitfire, the first of a new breed of fighter which would go on to patrol Britain's skies for many years following its squadron introduction in July 1944. 

The later F.8 variant was arguably the most effective version of the Meteor and for the five years following its introduction, it would form the backbone of the Britain's fighter defence force. 

With 1,183 aircraft built, the F.8 was both the final single seat fighter variant of the Meteor and the most heavily produced, arguably making this one of the most important British aircraft of the post war era.

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