Academy - Boeing B-29A Superfortress "Old Battler" - 1:72

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The Boeing B-29 Superfortress was flown primarily by the United States Air Forces in late-World War II and through the Korean War. It was one of the largest aircraft to see service during World War II and a very advanced bomber for its time. It included features such as a pressurized cabin, an electronic fire-control system, and remote-controlled machine-gun turrets.

"Old Battler" was from the 444th Bomber Group, 677th Bomber Squadron. The 444th Bomber Group operated from bases in China which staged attacks on Japan. On its last combat mission, it was forced to land in China due to damage from Jap fighter attack. She was later recovered and sent back to states as a trainer.


  • 45 BS, 40 BG 42-6254 Hump Happy Pappy
    1944 - CBI Theatre
  • 667 BS, 444 BG 42-6251 Old Battler
    1944 - CBI Theatre
  • 770 BS, 462 BG 42-6223 Lady Boomerang
    1944 - CBI Theatre
  • 794 BS, 468 BG 42-93828 Monsoon Goon
    1944 - CBI Theatre
  • 794 BS, 468 BG 42-6242 Esso Express
    1944 - CBI Theatre
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