Abteilung 502 - Imperial Guard of Napoleon

English. 172 pages. Hard cover.

By Gabriele Esposito.

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The main aim of this book is to present a detailed overview of the history, organization and uniforms of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard.

The latter was created in 1799 with the official denomination of Consular Guard, soon after Bonaparte became the “First Consul” of France.

In 1804, with the proclamation of the French Empire, it assumed the new denomination of Imperial Guard with which it became famous.

During most of its history, the Imperial Guard of the French Army comprised three main echelons: the Old Guard, the Middle Guard and the Young Guard.

The Old Guard was formed by veteran units that already existed before 1805 and which soldiers had followed Napoleon since his first military campaigns of 1796/1797.

The Middle Guard was made up of younger veterans, who fought per Napoleon’s orders during the first victorious campaigns of the Empire (1805-1809). The Young Guard, comprised units that were organized after 1809 and whose members were young recruits; these were chosen from the annual intake of conscripts and volunteers who were recruited for the French Army.

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