Abteilung 502 - Blues of War - Alabama Volunteers 1861 - 54mm Resin

Artikelnummer:: ABT1034
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Scale 54mm.

Designed and painted by Roberto Ramirez & sculpted by Antonio Zapatero.

Alabama spark the American Civil War, The Montgomery Convention marked the formal beginning of the Confederate States of America, as the birthplace of the Confederacy, invited other states to form a Southern Republic during 1861.

Alabama provided a significant source of troops and leaders, military materiel, supplies, food, horses and mules.

On the southern coast, Alabama’s ports remained open for nearly 4 years using blockade runners, until the loose of the battles of Mobile Bay and Fort Blakeley forced to surrender the last major Confederate port.

Alabama soldiers fought in hundreds of battles; only at Gettysburg the casualties rose until 1,750 dead. A total of 35,000 died during the war.The Southern soldiers came from different states and enlisted to fight against the Northern Army.

Alabama provide multitude of regiments, including artillery, infantry and cavalry. Among them were a number of volunteers from the militia who joined these regiments.

The vignette depicts two of these volunteer soldiers from different companies enjoying rest time, playing music and drinking whisky, there were one of their main forms of relaxation.

Enjoy this deluxe edition for collectors and modellers of historical figures.

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