Trumpeter - PHL-03 Multiple Launch Rocket System - 1:35

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The PHL03, also referred as the Type 03, multiple launch rocket system is a Chinese version of the Russian BM-30 Smerch. It was developed by NORINCO and reportedly entered service with the Chinese army in 2004 - 2005.  Currently it is one of the most powerful artillery rocket systems in the world. The PHL03 is also being proposed for the export customers as the AR2. It is in service withMorocco(one battalion with 36 units).

The PHL03 retains the original Russian configuration with 12 tubes for 300-mm rockets. The standard rocket weights around 800 kg. Some sources claim that its maximum firing range is 150 km, however it is most likely to be up to 100 km.

The PHL03 is based on a Wanshan WS2400 8x8 special wheeled chassis. This military vehicle has good cross-country mobility. It is fitted with a central tyre pressure system, which can be adjusted on the move.

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