Rage Resin Models - Shark Hunter - 90mm

Artikelnummer:: RAGE003
Menge: 1

In a post-apocalyptic setting, human beings have no choice but to adapt and fight to survive. The big fish no longer eats the little one.
With this new release within the Rage brand, we bring another fantastic-themed work in 90mm scale. As is usual in the brand, it is not just a figure, but includes a set.

Our little shark hunter has just gotten the prey of the day, a huge and terrifying mutant shark. A high-quality modeling set with a multitude of details and accessories.

High quality resin model by AK
90 mm scale
Painted by Eduardo Fernández.
Sculpted by Exequiel Devoto.
Concept Art: Eduardo Fernández & Nicolas Dafnis (Heroes 3D).

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