Harder & Steenbeck - Airbrush Kyiv Infinity Dark 0,2mm

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Designed by Angela Dmitrenko.

The Kyiv Infinity Dark comes with the Fineline nozzle set in 0.2mm and a 2ml paint cup. The airbrush has all the features of the Infinity CRPlus model, with the added benefit of the lightweight aluminium ALPlus construction. It carries Angela Dmitrenko’s Wings artwork, and every part within the airbrush is finished in gold as a tribute to her and our belief that there is good inside us all. Gold also has a low co-efficient of friction, slightly improving the overall smoothness of the trigger. It is beautiful, but like all Harder & Steenbeck product, it is made to work hard! 

The Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital

Traudls Modellbau has donated all the sales proceeds in advance via Harder & Steenbeck to the Cancer Oncology and Organ Transplant Ward in the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv. The children there cannot be moved to another location, and so we will help ensure that they have everything that they need. It’s a special place – Angela’s artwork is present on the walls throughout the building to bring joy, adventure and imagination to the children who undergo treatment there.

H&S integrated the colours of the Ukraine to part that you touch – the trigger -  to remind you of who needs us now. We have mirrored Angela’s and our belief that at the centre of everything, we can always find GOOD - this is our mission - to find it and bring it out into the world. To symbolise this, every hidden part within this airbrush, even the spring in the airvalve, is finished in gold. Within all of us, we believe this Heart of Gold waits to be discovered, and make a positive impact in our world.


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