Fine Molds - Messerschmitt Me 410A-1 /A-3 - 1:72

Artikelnummer:: FL3

Fine Molds has reissued their excellent Me410 kits and repackaged them to give you more building choices out of the same box! This version provides parts and markings to let you complete your plane as either the A-1 interceptor or A-3 reconnaissance plane. The company carefully researched this aircraft when producing the kit (as they always do, of course), and it’s easily the best offering available. Comes with markings and paint schemes for four aircraft: An interceptor (V1 “DI+NW”) and “Edelweiss” from I./KG51 (“9K+HH”), plus two reconnaissance planes from 2./FAG122 (“F6+QK” and “F6+WK”). Complete assembly and painting instructions in English.

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