AMMO by MIG - U-RUST Corrosion Creator Set

Artikelnummer:: AMIG7460
  • Easy application for modelers of all levels, beginners and advanced.
  • These effects can be applied with a brush directly from the jar or by adding a small amount of water.
  • These effects can be applied on any material and surface.
In addition, we have also added two Rust Reactor products to the range. They oxidize the product naturally to create an infinite variety of tones and finishes. This series consists of seven different colours and the two Rust Reactors.
This exclusive AMMO product produces a real oxidation process to create real rust. Can´t get any more realistic than that!
Products included:
  •  U-RUST Booklet
  • A.MIG-2250 POWDERED OXIDE - 15ml
  • A.MIG-2251 DEEP OXIDE - 40ml
  • A.MIG-2252 BLACK OXIDE - 40ml
  • A.MIG-2254 RUST OXIDE PATINA - 40ml
  • A.MIG-2255 COPPER BLUE PATINA - 40ml
  • A.MIG-2256 OXIDE GRIME - 40ml
  • A.MIG-2257 Rust Reactor Type 1 - 15ml
  • A.MIG-2258 Rust Reactor Type2 - 15ml
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